Wednesday, May 9, 2007

P1 Factor

Organized Human Social Order Seeking A Survival Village

Within this global fixation upon extreme climate changes there resides a relatively unknown natural composite that may offer some relief from this malaise. Certainly, we are overwhelmed, today, with the constant and unrelenting clamour from alarmists and "naysayers"; who seek our endorsement of their slant on the events of this life on Earth. Within the aboriginal nations there is a common expression of being stewards of the lands. And, in several treaties there are references to a recognized, traditional right to hunt and fish as long as the rivers flow.

Perhaps, we might pause slightly in our pursuit of excellence and acquisitions of wealth; and, therein, gather a breath of inspiration from tradition - a breath that might permit us to come closer to that joy of life which lingers in our quiet spirit like some distant and faint lyric.

The P1 Factor has been an element of Earth's environment since the onset of the ice ages. And, it will replenish itself through the advent of this next series extreme climate changes. They ARE coming. And, they WILL be devastating !

Nikola Tesla [1] did not include P1 Factor into his dedication of more tha 600 patents and processes. This was not through choice of elimination; rather, this storehouse of energy had simply not evidently entered his concious percepts.

This bulldozer effect of ice creeping across the landscapes of the globe, eradicating the cities and the evidence of our current civilizations, will cause mankind to again establish a more parochial human culture. We do have a "snow ball" history on Earth - and, we debate the Cambrian explosion; plus, its relationship to oxygen and collagen.

Undoubtedly, our nature toward establishing hierarchical systems will prevail. And, it is our continuing obsession to accord elitism a significant accumulation of wealth - for we all aspire toward the pinnacle of this tower of privilege and survival.

This majesty of abundant life on Earth is overwhelming in its potential and mystery & challenges [2] <see>.

In the black and white world of reality, strongest always wins. This is the blessing of creation - despite our moral protestations and grimaces of ethic.

P1 Factor exists within our environment as a consequence of this evolutionary sequence of events. And, today we may further embrace its potentials as we strive to rationalize some manner of prevailing beyond this unfolding of extreme climate changes.

The L.I.F.foundation proposes a link with Gaia-Watts Enterprises Ltd; through which a multitude of entrepreneurship enterprises are evolving within a classic concept of esatblishing this more parochial environment for culture and commerce to thrive and flourish - even through the onset of this global climate evolution.